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The Execution Quotient (EQ) Assessment


Execution IS the StrategyWelcome to the Execution Quotient (EQ) Assessment from Laura Stack’s book, Execution IS the Strategy! This tool will provide you with great insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your strategic execution process.
The L-E-A-D Formula™ outlines the four keys of effective strategic execution. Comparing your total scores on each Key will help you determine which factor in is the weakest link in your process. Within each Key, you can delve deeper by comparing the Chapter Subtotals, thereby better understanding your growth opportunities within each topic. Even more useful is looking at the three individual quiz items within each chapter for the lowest scores; those represent your best place to start your development plan. This is very much a bottom-up method of continuous improvement (another concept I focus on in this book).

If you have any questions about this assessment or your results, please email When you engage Laura Stack to work with your group, you’ll receive a unique link for your entire team to take the assessment. We’ll analyze your collective scores, and Laura will present the findings during her presentation and help you create an action plan.